One With Nature

Incipient Intuition

She kept searching for the sweet smell that was all around her.


Aromatic Abstract (Source)

She never realized until she plucked the flower that it was her own smell she found so alluring.


She pulled the flower closer just to be sure.


More than just Petals (Source)

Then it struck her- She’d just pulled a part of her closer to herself.

One with Nature

Now she knows she’s a part of nature. She’s in the air she breathes. She’s in the water she drinks.


Freebird (Source)

She’s one of us. She’s one of them. She’s everything. She’s everyone.

New Meaning

You’re all the same as her. You probably just haven’t realized it yet.


Carry You Home (Source)

Don’t live like a slave who’s born into a dark world of disease. Live without guilt, live with compassion and let life carry you home.


A big thank you to Smriti Singh for helping me out with this one. You can follow her work here.


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